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This website contains a wide collection of Person/Client-centred material put together and made available by Allan Turner. It contains a wide collection of PCA links and a fasinating collection of papers by distinguished Person-centred authors. It was the world's first Person-Centred website.

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Participants needed for new online study on love during a time of Covid

Love in the time of COVID


Over the last year, it has become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on life for many people internationally. We don’t yet know how the impact of social distancing guidelines, the stress of the pandemic on relationships will have on people over time. This study aims to look at Love and mattering in a time of Covid.

We are seeking adults living in the UK who are willing to complete a survey and share some of their thoughts in the survey about their perceptions and experiences of the impact of the Covid 19 lockdowns on their romantic or other relationships, they describe as loving relationships. The survey includes questions about mattering, covid related anxiety, compassion, affection, closeness, and commitment in love relationships. There is also an opportunity to briefly free list or describe your thoughts on Love and the impact Covid has had on you and your relationship/s.


To learn more and take part, please visit and the study webpage


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PCCS Books

PCCS Books is a publisher of counselling and psychotherapy books and journals that is dedicated to the Person-Centred Approach and Client-Centred Therapy. It is committed to reflexive, radical and critical contemporary psychology theory and practice.

PCCS Books Events and Conferences
A list of Events and Conferences Listed on the PCCS books website

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PCCS Books Collaboration

We are now working with PCCs Books and can now offer a continuous discount code to members of tPCA for an extra 10% off their already discounted online prices - it equates to 25% off the rrp.

We look forward to bringing members book reviews in PCQ and in the monthly Newsletter, as well as keeping members informed of upcoming person-centred publications.

Please contact us for the discount code at

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Peter F. Schmid

This site is an international person-centred resource maintained by Peter F. Schmid. It displays: what is new in the person-centred and experiential world; list of and links to international events; books, papers and audiovisual materials; Carl Rogers' complete bibliography and a PC bibliography with more than 7000 titles.

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Pre-Therapy Info

Pre-Therapy is an unique and effective way to facilitate contact-impaired persons initially developed by Garry Prouty. At this website, you will find information on Pre-Therapy compiled by Catherine Clarke.

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