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Do you have a special interest in counselling? We may have the group for you!

by LJ
Published on 11 December 2022

Do you have a special interest in a counselling topic at all?

Are you a member of tPCA or PCT Scotland (or want to become one? Remember - student memberships for tPCA are free!)?


If the answer to either of those questions is 'yes' or 'maybe' then we may have something for you.


tPCA has a number of small groups set up that focus on various areas of person-centred counselling. Some are designed as research-based, some are support-based and some are a mixture of both (or something else).


We currently facilitate the following groups (click here to see more about each group and the contact emails):


A group for research into the PCA

A disabilities support group (in conjunction with PCT Scotland) for anyone with disabilities (including neurodivergence)

An education and training group

A gender, sexuality and relationship diversity group

A students' group

A trauma group (this group is currently full but visit the link above if you'd like to be added to the group when a space becomes available)

A non-pathologising group

A race, culture and ethnicity group (currently in need of a new facilitator. Is this you?)

Women contributors to the PCA

A group for those interested in working on our quarterly magazine.

Wider applications of the person-centred approach.


Most of these groups aim to meet roughly 4-6 weekly on Zoom and those involved say it gives them a lovely sense of community. We'd love you to join us in these groups if you're interested! They are only open to members of tPCA but if you're a member you'd be more than welcome!