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Conference Refunds

1 Introduction 

Attendees of tPCA conferences are asked to register and pay for their place in advance.  We understand that situations arise that mean that attendees may no longer be able to attend the conference and wish to cancel their place and request a refund. This policy describes how a place is cancelled, how a refund is requested and the amount that will be refunded, depending on how long this is prior to the event. 

2 Scope 

This policy applies to anyone who has booked a place at a tPCA conference and wishes to cancel their attendance and request a refund of the registration fee.  

3.  How to cancel your place 

Cancellation of places at tPCA conference should be made in writing to the administrator ( and should include details of the bank account into which the refund can be paid.   The following criteria apply to requests for refunds following cancellation.  

3.1   Cancellation more than 14 days in advance  100% of your cost is  refunded.

3.2   Cancellations fewer than 14 days in advance and no-one is available to take your entire space, 50% of your cost is refunded.

3.3  Cancellations fewer than 14 days in advance and someone else is available to take your entire space, 100% of cost is refunded 

3.4  Cancellations fewer than 14 days in advance  and someone else is available to take PART of your space (e.g. you paid for the whole conference and someone can fill a day), 100% of the cost for the filled space (e.g day)  and 50% of the unfilled space is refunded. 

3.5  If there is money in the bursary fund for that year’s conference this will be shared between individuals who asked for a refund fewer than 14 days in advance, in addition to the 50% already offered.

4. Refunds
Refunds will be made within 21 days of being requested. 

Policies will be reviewed every two years or when changes in practice or legislation require incorporation into existing policies.    If the next review date has expired and the policy has not yet been updated, this version of the policy is still applicable. 

Agreed by Trustee Group  19/2/23
Date for next review  19/2/25
Date of review