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Links to Person-Centred Organisations and People

Here you find some interesting links to learn more about the Person-Centred Approach in the UK and world wide. 

ACP France

ACP France

Association pour le développement de l'Approche Centrée sur la Personne selon Carl Rogers.


Allan Turner's Person Centred Website

This website contains a wide collection of Person/Client-centred material put together and made available by Allan Turner. It contains a wide collection of PCA links and a fasinating collection of papers by distinguished Person-centred authors. It was the world's first Person-Centred website.


Association for the Development of the Person-centered Approach.

This is the only Person-Centred Association that can boast that Carl Rogers was a member!. Mostly annual meeting, mostly in the USA. They have occasional visits to the UK. Newsletter, Journal are membership all available on this link.


Interview with Delbert Tibbs & Kate Hayes - July 2008

Podcast of the interview recorded in Norwich, England, during PCE 2008 with Delbert Tibbs (US) and Kate Hayes (UK).


Maureen O'Hara Website

This site displays information about Maureen O'Hara and her beliefs and commitments associated to the philosophy of the Person-Centred Approach and constructive social change.

 on-lineevents logo

On-line Events 

Specialises in streaming counselling & psychotherapy events live to the internet so that CPD can be  accessed from the comfort of your home. They work with conferences and offer regular virtual events for online audiences across the world.

PCEP Journal

Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapies Journal

The journal for the World Association of Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapies, published by Taylor and Francis, This is an important publication for keeping up-to-date with all matters Person-Centred and a vital journal for anyone involved in academic work and you can sign up for the journal through tPCA here. 

The journal also has a  facebook page  


PCCS Books
PCCS Books is a publisher of counselling and psychotherapy books and   journals that is dedicated to the Person-Centred Approach and Client-Centred  Therapy. It is committed to reflexive, radical and critical contemporary psychology theory and practice.

PCCS Books Events and Conferences
A list of Events and Conferences Listed on the PCCS books website


Pre-Therapy Info

Pre-Therapy is an unique and effective way to facilitate contact-impaired persons initially developed by Garry Prouty. At this website, you will find information on Pre-Therapy compiled by Catherine Clarke.


The Person-Centred Approach Network

The Person-Centred Approach Network (PCAN) exists to provide opportunities for people to experience temporary Person-Centred Communities. The gatherings are not led or facilitated and have no formal structure except for conditions required by the venue e.g. meals. There is a commitment to creating an environment of the Core Conditions: where individuals are accepted and valued, where we each strive for empathy and authenticity. Since there is no-one 'in charge', each member of the group is able to take personal responsibility. It is an opportunity for self-exploration of, for example, your relationship with personal power. The gatherings can be challenging, exciting and deeply moving.

PCT Scotland

The  Association for Person Centred Therapy Scotland (PCT Scotland) is an  organisation of person-centred counsellors and psychotherapists based  throughout Scotland.  Our focus is to support the person-centred approach in general and  the membership in particular in pursuing their interests related to the  approach, including the provision of their counselling services to the  wider public. 


Peter F. Schmid

This site is an international person-centred resource maintained by Peter F. Schmid. It displays: what is new in the person-centred and experiential world; list of and links to international events; books, papers and audiovisual materials; Carl Rogers' complete bibliography and a PC bibliography with more than 7000 titles.

 APP logo

UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners

UKAHPP is a professional membership and accreditation organisation for counsellors, therapists and humanistic practitioners in related fields.  We are truly an Association - run by and for our members -  providing practical support and ethical codes which all members subscribe to.


World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Here you will find information about the global Association, how to become a member, their biennial conferences, and the PCEP Journal, now also accessible online to members.