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SCoPEd - Next Steps

Following discussions and correspondence regarding the proposed All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on counselling and psychotherapy, and the ongoing concerns about the SCoPEd project, The Person-Centred Association has affiliated with the newly formed Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Further Information can be found at

The Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy (PCP)  is a union made up of The Person-Centred Association, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union, the National Counselling Society, Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility, the Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Counsellors Together, UK Person Centred Experiential, and the College of Psychoanalysts. We are collaborating with the aim of developing an inclusive debate about the future of counselling and psychotherapy. We are hopeful that this project will give a stronger voice to the concerns of our members about the centralising, undemocratic approach being pursued by the three largest professional bodies.

Further developments will be posted on the TPCA website and can be found on the above website

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Person Centred Working Groups

Person Centred Working Groups

Please look out for news arriving soon, detailing the setting up of Working Groups to tackle many fundamental issues.
We feel you will be as excited as we are about the prospect of applying our approach in many practical ways; including therapy of course. And working to really build the profile of our approach; as it is still as counter-cultural as it ever was.

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TPCA Trustees 2019

In the spirit of supporting TPCAs continued growth earlier this year we invited new applicants to replace trustees coming to the end of their appointed constitutional term.

Persons were sought who would be willing to engage in TPCA initiatives, learn how to take part in helping organise TPCA events and take part in the running of TPCA.

Nominations were received and at the TPCA AGM on the 17th August 2019 a formal election of Trustees took place and we’d like to announce the results as follows:

Janet  Tolan was voted in as trustee (previously a co-opted trustee) and continues to lead on liaison with professional organisations

Suzy  Henry and Teri Tivey were voted in as Co-chairs

Rhianna  Broadway was voted in as Secretary

Michelle  Harwood was voted in as Treasurer

Sara  Callen remains Co-editor of PCQ, stepping down from Secretary but remaining a Trustee

Seb  Heid remains a trustee and Co-editor of PCQ

Shirl  Hicks was voted trustee (previously a co-opted trustee) and continues her role as local Groups’ Liaison

Thank you gifts were presented to Marc Gibson and Bernard Mooney for their service as trustees. Additional thanks are given to Janet and Sara for their continued work within the Trustee group over the years. Annie Thompson was also thanked for her service as Chair in previous years of BAPCA. A warm welcome is extended on behalf of the TPCA to new members of the Trustee Group.”   

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TPCA and the Climate Crisis

TPCA and the Climate Crisis 

At the AGM on Saturday we discussed how, as a person-centred organisation, we could become actively involved in the current response to the climate crisis. How can we address our planet-centred concerns and responsibilities? The TG will be looking to this question and to how the membership can work together on this.

We will be asking members to join a ‘Planet-Centred Working Party’ in due course; soon! ‘

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Letter to BACP, UKCP and BPC re SCoPEd


Dear Chairs and Chief Executives of BACP, UKCP and BPC,

Following correspondence, including with yourselves, the seven organisations listed below request that you meet with us. Together, we are, at present, the main stakeholders from within the fields of psychotherapy and counselling.

Our own organisations represent approximately 6,000 psychotherapists and counsellors and we feel that it is important to discuss the proposed All Party Parliamentary Group on psychotherapy and counselling before further approaches to MPs are made by yourselves.

It is clear that there are significant concerns about recent developments in the field of therapy, and a risk of conflicts and hostility between organisations and an erosion of trust in the professional bodies.

Hence, we are seeking dialogue between our organisations to avoid further damaging conflicts about the future of psychotherapy and counselling in the UK.We look forward to hearing from you – with, we hope, a proposal for the kind of meeting we describe in this letter.

Richard Bagnall-Oakeley (Chair, Psychotherapy and Counselling Union) [Use this e-mail address for correspondence[Maria Albertsen (for Counsellors Together)Bea Millar (Chair, Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility)Dr David Murphy (United Kingdom Person-Centred Experiential)Professor Ian Parker (President, College of Psychoanalysts)Professor Andrew Samuels (Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Janet Tolan (Chair, The Person-Centred Association)

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20th anniversary of PCE Europe in 2018 and a restart of the network in 2019

20th anniversary of PCE Europe in 2018 and a restart of the network in 2019

In September 2018 "PCE Europe – Network of the European Associations for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling" should have celebrated its 20th birthday, but the date passed unnoticed, there was not a big party! Only a few months earlier, in July 2018, the General Assembly in Vienna, failed to elect a new board and it became evident that PCE Europe might not survive its 20th anniversary.

There was no reason to celebrate!

There were various reasons for the apparent apathy and 'burnout'. PCE Europe started in Luxembourg, with 15 partners, and since then has developed into a strong network of 31 organisations in 15 different countries from many parts of Europe. Membership extends from the United Kingdom to Cyprus, and from Portugal to Russia. During the past decade, the biannual meetings of the General Assembly were combined with a Symposium. During these days person-centred professionals, from many parts of Europe, gathered to learn from another and exchange their ideas, but above all everyone enjoyed being in contact and having fun with like-minded people.

PCE Europe's members were reluctant to accept this undignified end of the network, without an attempt to reverse their fortunes, and a 'task force' was formed. The 'task force' was established in September 2018, with the job of providing a basis for PCE Europe's realignment, making it more attractive to its members and hopefully leading it into a fruitful future. Eight colleagues from 7 different countries joined the task force and met regularly on Skype. A person-centred mindset and a desire for European cooperation unified these people, who were of Austrian, British, German, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Scottish and Swiss origin. Their task was to prepare the groundwork for the next General Assembly, which was in Warsaw on 10 May 2019, and create a map for the association's future.

The Warsaw General Assembly was successful and heralded the relaunch of the European Network. An international Board was elected: Leonore Langner, Austria (Chair), Allan Turner, UK (Treasurer), Tito Laneiro, Portugal (EAP contact), Mihaela Bonatiu, Romania (Certificate Coordinator), Gaby Pierre Chami, Switzerland (Social Media Manager), Dimitris Portokalis, Greece (PR Officer).

The mission statement of PCE Europe was expanded and renewed, to make the network more tangible and attractive for its members. PCE Europe is seeking to register as an NGO (as is WAPCEPC), and a working group was established to determine the best jurisdiction for registration. We agreed to update, and enhance, the network's connection to WAPCEPC and to work closely together. The next European Symposium will be in Romania in 2021, and we hope that the event guidelines, prepared by the 'task force' will assist the organisers in their work.

New ideas were explored, which means that the new Board have a lot of working on its 'to do list'. There is a new momentum from the new Board, and they will value a strong network of support people who are ready to step up and contribute to PCE Europe's development.

Summary written by Simone Anderhub, Leonore Langner, Allan Turner.Contact: Leonore Langner | Address:

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New web site address


In a process of 'becoming' The Person Centred Association is continuing to grow, develop and change and one of those changes is the new url

Do please ensure you have updated your bookmarks and any links you have created, to the new URL

Marc Gibson

Trustee The Person Centered Association.

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The Person-Centred Association's Official Response to the SCoPeD Project.


Please see below The Person-Centred Associations's official response to the SCoPEd project.


Charity number: 1044077

June 2019

The Chair
Expert Reference Group
SCoPEd Project  

Dear Madam or Sir 

The largest single group of counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK are person-centred by training and self-definition. The SCoPEd project from its inception has excluded this group in favour of a theoretical stance that privileges psychoanalytic ideas and practice.

The humanistic therapies, of which person-centred is a significant branch, are founded on principles which include support for the autonomy of the client. The SCoPEd project’s theoretical stance is predicated on the therapist as an expert, knowing more than the client and with a brief to diagnose and treat – a model tending towards the medicalisation of human distress.

There is a very great body of research that supports the efficacy of person-centred and other humanistic therapy. Moreover, leading edge developments such as the the Power Threat Meaning Frameworkdeveloped by the British Psychological Society and Open Dialogue initiated in Finland are proving to be extremely effective in working with even the most extreme forms of “mental illness”.

For SCoPEd to be developing a framework that would render such work unlawful seems perverse and flies in the face of current research and practice.

Rather than simply criticizing the composition of the ERG, the “survey” of BACP members and so on, we prefer that the voice of person-centred practitioners be represented going forward. Please let us know as soon as possible which member/s of the ERG will be bringing research expertise and knowledge about person-centred practice into this forum.

Thank you


Janet Tolan
On behalf of the Trustees, The Person-Centred Association

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Successful Enounter Day

I felt todays encounter day in Coventry was a tremendously rewarding nd successful day, for me (I wouldn't like to speak for nyone else of course), with much sharing and it's such refreshing experience to be in receipt of (what I perceived to be) what felt like the core conditions from so many people.

Thank you again to all of you that attended and thank you too to the wider PCA community as you're a rather special lot in my eyes.


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