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Wider Applications (WA) Working Group

TPCA Wider Applications (WA) Working Group (WG)

As a passionate Person-Centred healthcare professional, but not a practising counsellor or therapist, I am anxious that tPCA does not neglect the potential benefit of the Person-Centred Approach (PCA) for all professionals, persons and relationships.

BAPCA has always welcomed members who are not counsellors or therapists, and I trust this continues to be the case for tPCA. While I appreciate that significant energy will be focussed on the training, education and representation (including political) of counsellor and therapist members, the application of PCA in other areas of life, personal and professional, also needs consideration and promotion.

The WA WG could reach out to people in the community already working in a Person-Centred way, and – along with the PR WG - develop promotional material to take out to groups in the community, encouraging more diverse tPCA membership. Sharing experiences from differing environments would broaden our awareness of the universal applicability of the tPCA.

The WA WG is open to any member with an interest in the PCA beyond counselling and therapy, i.e. in all arenas. Once a core group is established, an initial online meeting would be organised by the WA WG Lead (SMC) with subsequent monthly meetings, plus quarterly meetings with the trustees (all on-line for the time being).

Anyone who would be interested in joining the WA WG, please email me on the address below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sara Callen (SMC) October 2020



Dr Peter F. Schmid - Online Condolences

We are deeply saddened by the announcement that Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter F. Schmid died on Tuesday 15th September 2020, having sustained major injuries in a serious car accident.  

We mourn the loss of a dear colleague, mentor and friend. His books, articles and lectures have fundamentally shaped and developed the person-centred approach over decades, both in Austria and worldwide, he lived the person-centred approach with all his heart and he will be greatly missed.  

Peter is regarded as the founder of the dialogical approach in person-centred psychotherapy and in 2009 he received the Carl Rogers Award from the American Psychological Association (APA) for “outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of Humanistic Psychology.”

Our deepest sympathy goes to his family, and all those to whom he was close to.  

An online book of condolences, where you can leave a message has been opened here.

Suzy Henry

On behalf of the Trustee Group of tPCA



Trustee Change

Jonno Ward has made the decision to step down from the TG and the role of Secretary which he was voted in for at the August 2020 AGM. 

Existing trustee Rhianna Broadway will retake the role of secretary for the time being. 

As Chair I would like to thank Jonno for both the time and enthusiasm he contributed to the association. Jonno will continue to be involved with the Education and Training Working Group. 

Suzy Henry (Chair)



AGM 2020 Outcomes

Thanks to all that attended our AGM on 15th August 2020. Our best attended AGM for a few years and the first over Zoom. In total we had 28 attendees present (including the trustee group). 

Below are the main updates from this AGM including notification of resolutions passed. For specific vote totals please contact secretary@the-pca.org.uk 


Resolution 1: Removal of section 27 of the tPCA Consitution PASSED 

Resolution 2: Rewrite subsection 5 of Section 9 of tPCA Constitution to remove references to a General Meeting, unless requested by the member in question. PASSED

Resolution 3: Introduce the option of electronic voting at a General Meeting. PASSED 

Resolution 4: Proposition of text for inclusion in tPCA's Strategic Plan from the Environment Working Group. PASSED 

Following the AGM the constitution will be updated with changes as indicated in Resolutions 1-3 and the Charity Commission will be formally notified. tPCAs Strategic Plan (still being drafted) will include the text proposed as part of Resolution 4. 


John Yuen - Elected

Jonno Ward - Elected

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently working to redevelop and redesign tPCA website. Minutes from past Annual General Meetings (that have been agreed) will be included as part of the relaunch as well as minutes from all Trustee Group meetings. In the meantime please contact the Trustee Group with any queries. We thank you all for your patience with this. 


Trustee Update

Following the 2020 AGM we are pleased to welcome two new trustees to the Trustee Group.

John Yuen and Jonno Ward were both voted in as new trustees. Jonno will take the role of Secretary on from Rhianna (who will continue to be a trustee). 

The trustee group also said goodbye to our longest standing trustee - Sara Callen. Many of you will know Sara and will realise she has played a vital role in keeping the PCA going over the last few years as we have gone through many changes. I hope you will join us in thanking Sara and wishing her all the best. Sara will continue to keep some involvement with tPCA as she continues to edit PCQ along with current trustee Seb Heid. 

The trustee group is now as follows: 

Suzy Henry (Chair) 

Jonno Ward (Secretary)

Michelle Harwood (Treasurer) 

Shirl Hicks  

Seb Heid 

John Yuen 

Janet Tolan 

Rhianna Broadway 


Recruiting Volunteers for Working Group

Recruiting Volunteers for Working Groups

The PR (Public Relations) Working Group and the Inclusion Working Group are seeking extra volunteers. The PR Working Group would like to recruit five extra volunteers to support the strategy of raising the profile of The Person-Centred Association and the Person-Centred Approach. We are looking for individuals who really want to see the person-centred approach better understood by the media and the public. The group’s aim is promote that there is an alternative to other modalities. You do not need to have experience of PR to be part of this group; just an enthusiasm and willingness to spread the word.

The Inclusion Working Group is recruiting eight extra volunteers to support the work it will conduct around inclusion. The group’s work will focus on the language used to describe other, social constructs, labels, attitudes, and how we learn to hear how individuals wish to understand and describe themselves ie their phenomenological experience. The work will be thought provoking and it will be challenging.

For more detailed updates about the Working Groups do keep an eye on our Working Group page https://www.the-pca.org.uk/the-association/about/working-groups.html 

If your interest is piqued by the above please contact Terri Tivey (tivey.terri@yahoo.com) for more information.


Call for New Trustees 2020

New Trustees Invited

The AGM of the  Person Centred Association has been scheduled to take place on 20 June in Coventry. Will any member who wishes to stand as a Trustee please submit the names of a proposer and a seconder (who must be current members of the Association). They should also submit a paragraph or two about themselves and what they would bring to the role of Trustee - to secretary@the-pca.org.uk. These will be published prior to the AGM to allow for proxy votes if members are unable to attend. The deadline for prior publication is currently 31st May 2020. These dates may well change as the coronavirus situation becomes clearer.

Trustees will be willing to engage in TPCA initiatives. This requires that you: meet face to face once a quarter (out of pocket expenses are met by TPCA); have short online meetings with other trustees once a month; learn how to take part in helping to organise TPCA events; take part in the running of TPCA.

Please also note that as a Trustee you will be entitled to claim CPD accreditation of 10 hours per quarter, and that you will almost certainly continue to experience personal growth and learning.Finally, please note that all members, new and old, are welcome to stand.

There are nine trustee roles, including Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Manager, Membership Co-ordinator, Working Groups Co-ordinator, PCQ Co-editor and Social Media Co-ordinator. In addition, there are regular tasks such as liaison with Local Groups and with the Partnership for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

Anyone wanting to undertake one of the roles without becoming a Trustee, please contact secretary@the-pca.org.uk as soon as possible. 


Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

The Person-Centred Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020

Please save the date! 

Dear Member,

Our 2020 Annual General Meeting and Community Encounter will be held on Saturday 20th June at: 

The Quaker Meeting House

Hill Street,


CV1 4AN 

The meeting will run between 10am and 4pm. A more detailed agenda will be circulated to all members closer to the time.  

At this stage we are inviting members to contact us with any item that they would like discussed and added to the agenda at the AGM. If you would like something added please email both administrator@the-pca.org.uk and secretary@the-pca.org.uk before April 30th 2020.  

We hope to see you there! 

The PCA Trustee Group


Your Person-Centred Quarterly (PCQ) needs you! 

We have used this entreaty before.. but it’s true.. The PCA members have – in the past – told us that PCQ magazine is something they value as part of their membership of the Association. Your editors are keen to produce the magazine more often (it is supposed to be quarterly), but we need material; papers, articles, reviews, reflections of practice, and more.

The pages are bare – waiting for your contributions!

The beauty of PCQ is that it isn’t constrained by the requirements of the academic journals, so you can experiment and take risks. We welcome exploration of the issues and experiences of the PCA – for counsellors, therapists, trainers, supervisors, trainees, as well as PCA practitioners in other professions (or none). PCA in relationship at any level is of interest and relevance.

We are looking for submissions over the next month (deadline mid February 2020) – hoping to pull together a ‘Spring’ issue.

If you have any queries or would like to submit a piece please email pcqeditor@the-pca.org.uk or contact Sara or Seb directly.