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Use of our logo

1.  Introduction 

tPCA encourages members to use our logo as this is a way to make the aims of tPCA more widely known.

2.  Scope
This policy applies to anyone who is tPCA member and who wishes to use tPCA logo

3.  Who can use tPCA Logo 
tPCA logo can be used by 

  • PCA member in professional practice 
  • A trustee of tPCA on official and approved business
  • tPCA local groups
  • tPCA Communities of Practice

4.  How can the logo be used 

The logo can be used on websites,  promotional material and email footers.  If you wish to use it in another way please contact the administrator ( to discuss this.

5.  Your responsibilities when using the Logo

5.1 The logo should not be used in a way that leads to tPCA being misrepresented.

5.2 The logo should not be useful in a way that implies endorsement (i.e. the logo will usually be at the bottom of the page and not over-large)

5.3  It is not used in a manner that misrepresents the user as holding a qualification.

5.4  The use of the logo should be in accordance with the tPCA constitution, found  here

5.5  You discontinue using the logo once you cease to be a member of tPCA.

6. How to request use of the logo

6.1  Please email the administrator at to request use of the logo and include information about how you want to use the logo and links to any website where you wish to use the logo.   

6.2  If your request is approved the Administrator will email you a copy of the logo for use whilst you are a member of tPCA.   

6.3  If your request is  not approved and you wish to appeal the decision please email the Administrator who will forward your appeal to the next Trustee Group meeting (usually within 4 weeks).  The Trustee Group will review the request and the decision and will contact you within 21 days of the Trustee Group meeting.   Their decision is final.



Policies will be reviewed every two years or when changes in practice or legislation require incorporation into existing policies.    If the next review date has expired and the policy has not yet been updated, this version of the policy is still applicable. 

Agreed by Trustee Group  19/2/21
Date of Review  8/7/23
Date for next review  8/7/25