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The hills of Derbyshire

tPCA Trainers' Conference: Training During a Time of Change and Uncertainty (2)

tPCA Trainers' Conference: Training During a Time of Change and Uncertainty (2)

A two day conference at the Hayes Centre in beautiful Derbyshire with an optional day of encounter or person-centred group training consultation  beforehand.

A two day conference at the Hayes Centre in beautiful Derbyshire with an optional day of encounter or person-centred group training consultation beforehand.

Pre-conference day
19th July
(residential places limited to 15 people)
Main conference
20th-22nd July
(residential places limited to 45 people)

Additional day places are available
Prices range from £60 day rate to £274 for the main conference, at our earlybird members' rates.

Our conference theme – training during a time of change and uncertainty – seems particularly resonant for the place we all of us find ourselves in professionally and personally as trainers. For instance:

  • Identity – Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, privilege, sexual and gender diversity have evoked self-reflection – and defences! – in the counselling community. Who do we train? Who *are we* as trainers?
  • Modality – Is the PCA still fit for purpose in a global environment that arguably is less tolerant and empathic? Why are we training others in this way?
  • The profession – SCoPEd and other mechanisms for regulation and conformity pose change and challenge to how we work and to what training may entail. To what end do we train?
  • Security – The invasion of Ukraine, the rising cost of living and associated food and energy insecurity impacts who can train.

We start with arriving midday Wednesday (for the pre-conference day) and finish at 2pm on Saturday.

On arrival Wednesday, we start with lunch at one pm, and will have an afternoon and an evening encounter / group training consultation group (you choose your stream on arrival) and there will be a further encounter / consultation group on the morning of the 20th.

Main conference arrivals begin late morning of the 20th, and the conference begins with lunch followed by our keynote speaker. There will be workshops across the Thursday and Friday in two streams, with our closing keynote speaker on Saturday, finishing with lunch
before heading home.


Two pepople at a table drinking from mugs

Group Training Consultation

There will be afternoon group training consultation with Sheila Haugh followed by dinner and an evening session, and a final session the day after.

PCA courses are dropping like flies! This is a chance to connect with other trainers and have group training consultation as a PCA trainer in a non-PCA world. Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who both works on a PCA course and has regular group consultation or supervision, or perhaps you're a lone PCA trainer on an integrative course with or without group supervision.

This group, facilitated by an experienced trainer and supervisor aims to support you whatever your background and experience.

A beautiful forest, sun through the trees


If you're a trainer who doesn't want to attend the group training consultation - perhaps you're all supervised-out, or perhaps you'd just prefer a chance for a day of encounter - then there is an encounter space for those who would prefer this. This runs at the same time as the consultation space.

Conference attendees taking notes

As noted above, the conference runs broadly on the theme of 'training in a time of uncertainty'. We are in a time where more discussions than ever are happening about the worth of the person-centred approach, how to maintain our person-centred selves within integrative courses, along with conversations that happen about our personal and structural identities.

These conversations are often complex and multi-faceted and we hope in this conference to be able to facilitate some of these discussions in a variety of ways.

Some of the workshops offered will be around current best practice on how to teach on certain topics, and some will be around creative methods to teach these.

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Conference streams: Creative means and methods of approaching training

However we identify ourselves, be it trainers, tutors, teachers or academics, some of us have creativity running through us like a stick of rock, and some of us struggle to think about creative methods for students, who often ask specifically for creative ways to explore their identities and the various topics that arise in the training space.

This stream is intended both for those who consider themselves creative or non-creative in search of new ideas.

If you are interested in providing a creative workshop, you would offer the workshop experience itself to your attendees, and create a synopsis of how the workshop is created that would then be given to all conference attendees.

Woman teaching

Best practice approaches to teaching certain topics

As trainers we are often tasked with offering training around difficult and complex topics. Some of these, by necessity are out of our area of expertise - we may be an all-white staff team needing to teach about anti-racist practices, or have no-one on the team who is disabled or who specialises in working with disability, yet this is on our curriculum. There are many more areas that as a staff team we may find difficult - these are not limited to structural identities by any means. As we mentioned above, we are teaching/facilitating in terms of uncertainty. If you have ideas for a topic that you'd like to bring to present to trainers on, in a way that will facilitate our own teaching process, no matter what this is, your ideas for workshops are welcome.

This conference stream aims in part to give attendees more confidence and resources with a series of workshops on different areas to inspire us on how to take this teaching back to our own classrooms and groups.

You can contact our administrator Kathy admin @ if you have any queries.

Offers to facilitate workshops

Workshop offers are actively invited, please complete this form and we'll be in touch!