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June 11 2021, 0:00am - June 11, 0:00am

Behind the scenes - The neuroscience of experiential psychotherapy


Behind the scenes

The neuroscience of experiential psychotherapy

The fact that experiential psychotherapy works, is something we witness everyday with ourclients. But how? And what specifically makes it effective? Which specific pathways areinvolved with emotional processing? What takes place in our bodily system when we focus,for example? What is so “magical” about the experiential encounter?

National and international speakers take us behind the scenes. On this first online editionof our yearly conference they will lean on findings in neuroscientific research and willcombine this with the clinical practice in an effort to try and find some answers to thequestions posed above.

 9h Welcome

9h30 Michael Lux, MA (in English) 

The Magic of Encounter – Impact Factors of Person-Centered Relationships from the Perspective of Neuroscience

11h Break 

11h15 Prof. Dr. Greet Vanaerschot (in Dutch - English subtitles) 

Why do I feel, think and do what I don't want to feel, think and do? And what do I have to do to change this?

12h45 Lunch break

13h30 Peter Afford, MA (in English) 

Felt experiencing

15h Break

15h15 Prof. Dr. Marie Vandekerckhove (in Dutch - English subtitles) 

Anoetic consciousness as primary process: Breaking the Link Between recovery of Negative Events and Experiential processing

16h30 Break

16h45 Roundtable (moderator: Renate Geuzinge) 

Discussion with all keynotes, followed by Q&A


English subtitles will be available for the two speakers who present in Dutch. You will have the opportunity to interact in English with all speakers.

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