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tPCA encourages use of our logo in order to make the aims of tPCA more widely known.

The tPCA Logo can be used if you are:

  • A trustee of tPCA on official and approved business
  • The co-ordinator of a Local PCA Group and member of tPCA, and the current tPCA trustees have approved its usage
  • A tPCA member in professional practice

The trustees will approve the use of the tPCA Logo if:

  • It is deemed by the majority of the trustees that it is a suitable placement for the tPCA Logo (e.g. website, promotional material….)
  • It is deemed by the majority of the trustees that its use will not lead to tPCA being misrepresented
  • It is deemed by the majority of the trustees that its use by an individual does not imply endorsement (i.e. the logo will usually be at the bottom of the page and not over-large)

Obtaining approval to use the tPCA Logo:

Under normal circumstances trustees delegate their responsibility to authorise the use of the tPCA logo to the Website Manager. In the event of an applicant disagreeing with the Website Manager’s decision the applicant can refer the decision to the trustees - their decision is final.

The factors that will influence the decisions of the Website Manager, or the trustees on appeal, are (the trsutees can reach a majority decision): 

It is a suitable document, or website, for the tPCA logo to appear on;

The use of the logo will not lead to tPCA being misrepresented;

The use of the logo is not contrary to the tPCA constitution;  

It is not used in a manner that misrepresents the user as holding a qualification.

For further information regarding the above, please contact the Website Manager or in the event of a dispute or appeal tPCA trustees at

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