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Trees Dowson

Hiya, I am Trees.  

I am a person - centred counsellor in private practice.  I am also a specialist mentor for Autism Hampshire (a recent direction for me).  My private practice is a modest affair with a handful of clients and this currently suits me due to balancing work with disability caused by pain and fatigue; my week is planned to allow for recovery and self - care time.  

I have spent a lot of time focusing my CPD in the area of neurodiversity.  My dissertation was about autism and  person - centred therapy, and many of my clients tend to be neurodivergent.  A growing understanding around autism has led to the realisation that I believe I am on the spectrum.  A sense of ‘coming home’ accompanied the moment it all fell into place.  I have not been officially “diagnosed” but as someone who leans heavily into the non - pathologizing approach to distress; this does not currently feel necessary.

I have found joining the person - centred association a lifeline during the transition from being amongst university peers to working in private practice.  The online encounter group and communities of interest have been a friendly and supportive network of people that ensured I have never felt alone.  Because of this; I wanted to volunteer as a trustee to support the organisation and its members.  So here I am! 

For fun and peace; I am in a band,  singing and songwriting.  (And playing tambourine - in the band and guitar at home).  Also; cats! 

Last updated: 24 April 2023