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Louise Wilson

I am a person-centred counsellor working in private practice in Edinburgh. I completed my counselling training in 2019 and worked with a variety of agencies before venturing into self-employment. I am particularly interested in the power that the person-centred approach invests in the individual and believe that diagnosis and the medical model can divert that power back to clinicians and 'experts' and away from the person. I feel that the person-centred community is slowly shrinking and I passionately believe that we need to fight hard to stay relevant in a therapeutic landscape that is heavily dominated by interpretive and behavioural modalities that give the therapist a more leading role. 
Person-centred therapy is often viewed as 'not enough' and insufficient for those in acute psychological distress. The person-centred approach is powerful, relevant and political and much needed in a world dominated by diagnosis, instruction and measurement. I joined the PCA as a trustee in order to champion the approach and do all I can to promote just how transformative and growthful it can be. 
Last updated: 25 May 2023