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Jules Elliott 

I am a newly qualified person-centred counsellor employed at a local charity supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse. I am also in the throes of building a small private practice.  

 I am particularly interested in promoting a non-pathologising approach and have recently taken on the task of administering meetings for the PCA non-pathologising group.  I have become fascinated by how the person-centred approach empowers and promotes agency for the client. I feel that this is a unique selling point of person-centred therapy that does not receive enough recognition, in fact, I think person-centred therapy does not receive enough recognition full stop.

Finally, I believe that as a community, we must work together to promote the person-centred approach. The respect for the actualising tendency and non-directive way of working gives clients a freedom, power and autonomy unlike any other therapy. I don't think the person-centred approach gets the credit it is due and I am delighted to be part of a movement that challenges that!

Last updated: 24 April 2023