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The Trustees

The Trustee Group -TG (formerly the Coordinating Group -CG) are made up of The Person Centred Association members who volunteer to help in the development of the Association. The TG is currently made up of 8 trustees with one trustee vacancy. The trustees can further co-opt 3 additional members. This is current as of August 2020.

For those of you who are practitioners with a formal requirment for CPD and you are considering helping out by becoming a trustee, you may be pleased to know that acting as a trustee for The PCA yields 40 hours of CPD per year. The list of activities credited by BACP is here, and for UKCP sample guidance is here, and for National Counselling Society unfortunately it is behind their login page here.

You can email the trustees with any questions by clicking here.

Recent minutes are viewable to members here.

Current trustees:

Suzy Henry (Chair)

I am a person-centred therapist, trainer and published writer. I believe passionately in working collaboratively with people to aid their own understanding of their experiences and ways of relating. I am directly implicated in multiculturalism and diversity. Growing up with a disfigurement, my own complex early experiences inform my particular interest in the impact of discriminatory behaviour on the identity of people who are viewed as ‘different’ or ‘other’ in their society and who suffer precisely because of this sometimes indirect and subtle psycho-social phenomenon; prejudicial behaviour often resulting in psychological trauma and issues of loss relating to identity wounding. My deep understanding of cultural identity trauma and the human condition in all its complexities is helpful in therapy and group situations where it is crucial to comprehend issues pertaining to power and powerlessness and the ways these factors are heightened in traditional hierarchical systems.

Shirl Hicks

I am happily married with 2 grown up children and 5 grandchildren and have been a person-centred counsellor for over 10 years. I am very passionate about The Person-Centred Approach. Currently I work with EAP companies and have a contract with YCT where I work with children aged 11 years onwards. For me it is very rewarding work counselling our young. I am always looking to learn and regularly attend encounter groups where I feel I learn so much about myself, people, clients and therapy in general. I am a spiritual person; for me it is important to understand all parts of ourselves in order to evolve. I am passionate about having a choice, equality and having a voice that can be heard.

Michelle Harwood (Treasurer)

I have worked as an accountant for the last 18 years both in the private and public sector working predominately with IT projects and business change management. Recently I finally decided to change careers and do something closer to my heart and I am now in my final year of training as a person-centred therapist. I currently work in the NHS at a GP surgery and love it. 
I enjoy long walks with my Dalmatian, spin, dancing and spending time with family and friends. 

Rhianna Broadway (Secretary)

I am a Person Centred counsellor and trainer currently working with clients both privately and within the NHS. I am passionate about equality and diversity and have a MA in Migration Studies. Prior to training as a counsellor my previous work experience has included working with minority groups and within the research sector both in universities and the NHS. As a counselling trainer I have been really fortunate to tie this all together and I currently lead on the research and dissertation module on the Person-Centred MSc at the Metanoia Institute.
Currently a trustee for tPCA I am really excited to be involved with the organisation in this time of transition and new beginnings.

John Yuen

I am a person-centred counsellor with a particular interest in cross-cultural differences. Having previously conducted cross-cultural research in the study of mental toughness and resilience in China-based organisations, I am currently pursuing PhD research in how the Person-Centred Approach can be used in my own culture. As such, I have set-up a free counselling service at a Manchester community centre where I practice Person-Centred Therapy in Cantonese. Prior to this, I worked in engineering and technology, where I specialised in business improvement and quality management. After 18 years, I decided to change careers and have found the Person-Centred Approach to be particularly compatible with my mix of cultural and personal beliefs; and as a trustee, I hope to bring to the association both my business and operational experience, together with my passion for exploring different cultural perspectives.

Janet Tolan

My perspective on Person-Centred therapy is very simple: it works. I have worked in counselling since 1979, first as a volunteer, then as a full-time counsellor. I qualified in 1984 and completed my supervisor training in 1988. My last employed role was as head of the Masters Programme in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Liverpool John Moores University. I am now in private practice, working with individuals, couples, groups and teams. I have two grandchildren and I play bridge, dance salsa and sing jazz.

Seb Heid

I am a person-centred counsellor with a passion for the philosophy of the person-centred approach. I was born and raised in Germany but have lived in England for over twenty years now. I used to work in Academia as a speech scientist and then earned money as a software engineer. I live in the hope that my academic interest, business experience and knowledge of and experience with the person-centred approach will one day form a beautiful synergy. I have been a trustee of TPCA since 2017 and I am technical editor of the TPCA journal The Person-Centred Quarterly.