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October 14 2023, 10:15am - October 14, 16:15pm

Yoga & Words - a yoga and writing day event

The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield
£70.00 + concessions

A day being guided into yoga and writing activities, gently oscillating between the two. Liz and Laura bring their individual skills and experience in ways designed to complement one another. Together we hope to facilitate a day in which you raise aspects of self-awareness and experience more embodiment.

This is one in a series of 4 days exploring the elements and how we experience them on a personal level. Each is a stand alone day.
We begin with Earth, exploring the Earth element through body, heart and mind.
We will encourage you to spend breaks in the Botanical Gardens, absorbing expressions of the elements first hand and letting these influence the day.

  • Phone (mob): 07428 513561
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Last updated: 13 September 2023