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April 16 2024, 18:00pm - April 30, 20:30pm

Therapeutic use of Creative Arts - Introduction Course - April Online

£120 non-members £110 for APCCA members

This APCCA Level 1 introduction course is for anyone who wants to develop their creativity, self-awareness, improve their wellbeing and discover how powerful creative arts practice can be. You will develop your understanding of the relevance of creativity to mental health and wellbeing and of its benefit to the therapeutic process.

Please note the course consists of 3 sessions - see below for dates .

The course is an ideal first step to training on our Level 2 certificate course.

On this course participants will;

  • Explore the importance of creativity
  • Learn about the person-centred approach to creative arts practice
  • Engage with experiential learning
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Develop creativity and confidence
  • Develop understanding of the relevance of creativity to the therapeutic process

Participants will receive a CPD certificate of attendance for 10 hours.

Course dates

Tuesday 16th April 6pm-8.30pm

Tuesday 23rd April 6pm-8.30pm

Tuesday 30th April 6pm-8.30pm

The course contains a combination of experiential work, theory, discussion, and creative arts practice. Students will need to provide:

  • A book to use as an art journal
  • Art materials, ideally a set of basic paints, pastels, pencils and paper.
  • Creative home-work activities between sessions 1 and 2.

Read what some past students have said about the course;

"Being among such like minded people and connected to the person centred creative art tribe has reconnected me to the magic, flow and wholeness of being on a journey of new imagining and awakening dreams."

"This course helps people reconnect with their creative intelligence in varied and meaningful ways, and they leave with a different understanding of their creativity and it's relevance in their lives."

"Such a lovely inspiring course - I thoroughly enjoyed it!"


Course Tutors

Gerald Webb is a counsellor who has worked with a range of people in different settings and now works in his private practice specialising in supporting people who are caught up in addiction. He is a person centred creative arts practitioner and tutor. Gerald studied with Liesl Silverstone, founder of the person centred art therapy approach, which has developed the way he works therapeutically with people.

Gerald was a valued part of Liesl Silverstone’s tutor group and is a co-founder of APCCA, an APCCA mentor and tutor. Trainees describe Gerald's way of being as truly person centred and a wonderful anchor to the richness of the course.

Marina Anderson works and lives in Ireland. she is an integrative psychotherapist, a person-centred creative art counsellor and artist when there is time. She combines these skill-sets to create a very unique and creative psycho-therapeutic experience. Marina also has experience of working with groups from self-development with horses to addiction recovery aftercare programs.

Marina is a practitioner member of APCCA and part of the APCCA Steering group.

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