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October 3 2023, 19:00pm - October 3, 20:30pm

Taster - Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purpose Tuesday 3rd October 2023 evening

£21 + concessions

Gentle evening exploring process via writing with an emerging theme of Storehouse.

For Tasters I tend to say - no specific theme beyond the one that is always present of a tuning into who we are right now, which can lead us to noticing what has perhaps been on the edge of awareness.

Suitable for anyone who finds pleasure in writing spontaneously, tuning in or maybe gathering ideas for future writing projects. 

The emerging theme for this one is Storehouse.

Using images from fiction and ideas of cultural change, we'll be exploring what our stash is composed of – deeds, objects, memories perhaps … and changes we’ve experienced in the vaults over time.

This is an online evening event running from 7pm - 8.30pm

  • Phone (eve): 07428513561
  • Email:
Last updated: 13 September 2023