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September 23 2022, 0:00am - September 23, 0:00am

Self -harming as survival

£65; trainee £25; Financial hardship, free

A person-centred view on self harming as survival: 10.00am-4.00pm Self-harming behaviours can attract negative, and sometimes hostile, responses. Probably the most commonly held view is that people who self-harm are either ‘attention seeking’ or ‘manipulating’. For many practitioners, feeling deskilled and/or helpless in hearing about their client’s self-harming can lead to a need to close off from the client for self-protection. This day will focus on the causes and diversity of self-harming behaviours. We will explore how we can support clients for whom self-harming has become a way of surviving, or self-soothing, and how we may help in safely processing trauma whilst encouraging compassionate self-care as a healthy option. The day will include input/discussion as well as open space for exploration of material brought by participants.

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  • Phone day: 07753 826284
  • Phone (mob): 07753 826284
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