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November 9 2022, 0:00am - November 9, 0:00am

Seasons Wisdom


The writing workshops are formed from various prompts and activities, designed to invite us into more expansive spaces, where we can be curious to the parts of us that are present or calling. I encourage a receptivity to what we find, chance to honour that which we connect to, within ourselves and in others. These are generally in small groups and focus on process and may help us to hear parts of ourselves with less distinctive voices. Spelling, grammar or producing completed pieces are less important. There are opportunities to share the writing or the experience of writing. This is always only an invitation, often perceived as a valuable part of the session and with no obligation to do so. This particular workshop has as its focus: Seasons Wisdom: a deeper tuning in & updating ourselves within the unfolding year. It runs from 10am - 12 midday UK time

  • Phone (mob): 7428513561
Last updated: 09 June 2023