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May 12 2020, 0:00am - June 2, 0:00am

Online Introduction to Focusing - 1.5 hours a week for 4 weeks

Online - via Zoom - Four Tuesdays 12.30-2pm
As this period of restrictions continues you may be feeling isolated or frustrated and finding it difficult living with the unknown. Focusing can help with easing difficult feelings and provides an opportunity to connect with others. Focusing helps us listen to the body’s knowing about how we are and what we need. This practice can be hugely resourcing and could be a regular practice to get you through this period of isolation and something you can do with others for support.

Focusing is a process that can enrich all areas of our lives, as it is about the very way that we attend to our experiencing. It can help us to step out of our habitual ways of relating to ourselves, others, situations and into a way of experiencing that is more nuanced, rich and alive. Focusing is a natural skill that anyone can develop and Focusing-listening partnerships are a brilliant resource for supporting our wellbeing and ongoing self exploration. Focusing could be seen as an antidote to the fast driven ways of the modern world – and perhaps can help us steer a calmer path through it!

Learning Focusing can help
* developing more of a connection with your body
* improving your relationship with yourself
* improving your self esteem
* supporting you with overwhelming emotions such as anxiety
* connecting with your intuition

The workshop will be highly experiential and will include plenty of opportunity to practice the Focusing process. There will be time to explore the concept of the ‘felt sense’ and the particular way of Focusing listening, as well as how Focusing can be used in day to day life. There is the option to complete a second workshop, then potentially the BFA Certificate in Focusing Skills. Once you have learnt this valuable process you can practice Focusing on your own or in a Focusing-listening partnership. Practising Focusing can be a lifelong skill for self awareness and support.
  • Phone (mob): 07851 086 396
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