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April 29 2022, 0:00am - April 28, 0:00am

Online Group Supervision (fortnightly)

Online via Zoom
“Our biological, neurological, developmental and social ‘settings’ are, if anything, relational, not individual, and the logic of being relational is to be in relationship with others (plural)” – Keith Tudor.

This new online supervision group is for practitioners of all stages. Group supervision can be particularly enrichening in ways that are different from 1 to 1 interactions.

In group supervision, practitioners can for example, reflect on and get support with challenges and celebrations in regards to client work, growing and/or managing their private practice, links between theory and practice, ethical dilemmas, self-care and more!

When issues are shared and explored in a group, there is the potential for more opportunities to access a more diverse range of perspectives, learning, creativity, and growth, both professionally and personally; and all in community, which has the added bonus of reducing the loneliness and isolation that practitioners can experience.

Group supervision can also serve as a ‘business networking’ opportunity – for instance, it’s easier to refer clients to colleagues with whom we are familiar, and especially whom we have come to trust through the process of experiencing group supervision together.

** When? Fridays 15:30 to 17:30 (fortnightly) and
Tuesdays 12:00 to 14:00 (monthly)

** Where?: Online via Zoom
** Max # of supervisees: 4
** Cost: £45 per session

** What next?
If you would like a place in this supervision group, please send me an email including your name, surname, telephone number and email address and I will then send you the relevant onboarding correspondence, if there are places available. Otherwise, I’ll place you on the waiting list if you like.

If you prefer a telephone/video call consultation in the first place, that is available free of charge. Let me know and we’ll arrange a mutually suitable time.
  • Phone (mob): 7941623411
Last updated: 09 June 2023