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March 5 2022, 0:00am - March 6, 0:00am

Introduction to Focusing

Online - via Zoom
Introduction to Focusing – 10-5 - 5th & 6th March 2022 - £130 - on Zoom

Focusing is a process that can enrich all areas of our lives, as it is about the very way that we pay attention to what we experience. Often we have habitual ways of relating to ourselves, others and situations: Focusing can help us to slow down, listen inside and appreciate the subtleties in our experience. Developing the ability to listen to ourselves with compassion can help us to know what our needs are, make changes and respond differently in life. Being able to notice the richness of our internal and external lives can also make us feel more alive.

Focusing is a natural skill that anyone can develop and Focusing-listening partnerships are a brilliant way of improving wellbeing and supporting self exploration. Focusing can help us steer a calmer path through the fast driven ways of the modern world!

Learning Focusing can help
* developing more of a connection with your body
* improving your relationship with yourself
* improving your self esteem
* supporting you with overwhelming emotions such as anxiety
* connecting with your intuition

The workshop will introduce what exactly Focusing is and cover different ways we can experience things, particularly how we can have a ‘felt sense’ of things and what that means. The workshop will be experiential and will include plenty of opportunity to practice the Focusing process in a supportive environment. There will also be time to explore the particular way of Focusing listening, as well as how Focusing can be used in day to day life.

There is the option to complete four more weekend workshops which lead to a BFA Certificate in Focusing Skills. Once you have learnt this valuable process you can practice Focusing on your own or in a Focusing-listening partnership. Practicing Focusing can be a lifelong skill for self awareness and support.

I am a Focusing Teacher who has been Focusing for thirteen years. I offer guided Focusing sessions, group and one to one Focusing training in Sussex and London. Focusing has become an invaluable part of my life and I have a passion for training, having trained volunteers and provided training in Higher Education.

Learning the Focusing process of getting in touch with our felt senses can be an empowering and enriching experience. This gentle yet powerful way of being with your experience allows a more kind inner relationship to form and allows you to access your inner knowing and to connect with others in a profound way.

On day one you will be introduced to the Focusing process and the particular way of Focusing Listening. This highly experiential workshop will help you learn to listen to your body and trust the wisdom it can share with you.

On day two you will get more practice of both the Focusing and Listening roles, learn about the different ways we process our experience and how we may approach Focusing differently depending on our ‘processing style’. You will also experience the practice of Clearing a Space, which can be part of the Focusing process or used as a standalone process for managing overwhelm.​

After the Intro you will be able to apply to join the BFA's Focusing partnership pool and can go on to do the BFA Skills Certificate in Focusing.

Places for Saturday only may be possible (£65)
  • Phone (eve): 7851086396
  • Phone (mob): 7851086396
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