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October 21 2022, 0:00am - October 21, 0:00am

How do we learn? A personal development/exploration day

£65; trainee £25; Financial hardship, free

10.00am-4.00pm This is a personal development day for anyone interested in the how of how we learned as children in the classroom, and how this has affected the way we think about our learning abilities as adults. It has always surprised me, in teaching adults, how many are riddled with anxiety about the academic requirements of courses, and in my experience, there seems to be a disproportionate number of students on counselling courses who lack confidence in their study skills. My own background studying psychology and previously, teaching people with learning difficulties, as well as students who had dyslexia and dyscalculia, gave me a particular interest in the mismatch between how we learn and how we are taught. Some research I engaged in, supported the hypothesis I had formulated, and I will now leave the outcome as a mystery bonus for anyone interested to come along and explore their own experiences of learning and of being taught

  • Phone (eve): 07753 826284
  • Phone day: 07753 826284
  • Phone (mob): 07753 826284
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