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November 6 2021, 0:00am - November 6, 0:00am

Focusing in Client Work - one day online workshop

Online - via Zoom

The practice of Focusing enables both counsellors and clients to become more connected with the wider realm of our embodied experience and gives us access to rich layers of inner knowing about what we feel and what we need. This simple process can assist us to become more attuned to ourselves and our clients; deepen our empathy and compassion; create the conditions for clients to get in touch with their felt experience and invite Focusing moments to happen; connect with a wider sense of the growth potential inherent in us all. Learning Focusing is an exploration of the intricacy of human experience in all its pain and wonder. It is an opportunity to develop a kinder and more valuing relationship with oneself and witness the potential that this unlocks. • Learn how being present in your embodied experience may bring out your potential as a therapist • Explore a way of experiencing that is more nuanced, rich and alive • Learn to be attuned to the existence of the felt sense in the therapy space • Understand how to spot naturally occurring Focusing moments in clients • Explore how Focusing fits with your existing therapeutic approach and when it may not be so helpful • Gain a deeper understanding of how we can unlock our/our clients’ intrinsic potential to move forward The workshop will be experiential and a chance to reflect on how you may want to bring a Focusing informed, embodied way of working into your therapy practice. You are invited to bring examples of your current work, to explore how Focusing might enrich it. Gain an experience of the Focusing process and a more embodied way of knowing. Get in touch with your own inner knowing about how best to work with your clients and support your clients to forge a stronger inner connection and access their own inner knowing. You can refresh and enliven your practice by noticing the fascinating information that working with the felt sense brings, deepening therapeutic work and enhancing the therapeutic relationship. A Focusing approach is consistent with the Person Centred values of a non imposing way of working, yet this approach has the power to work with clients on their edge of awareness, which can assist new growth to come and change to occur. Focusing can also be invaluable to assist us with our own self care. Suzi Mackenzie Suzi is a BACP Senior Accredited Person Centred Counsellor, Qualified Supervisor and BFA Certified Focusing Teacher who has been Focusing for thirteen years. She offers the ten day BFA Skills Certificate in Focusing as well as a variety of short Focusing courses and one to one Focusing sessions. Suzi currently works in private practice

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