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The La Jolla Program - Oregon, USA


You're Invited! Will You Be Attending The La Jolla Program?

"The only way to discover the real limits of my possibility is to venture a little way past the limits I've allowed myself...Invite the unexpected, knock at the door of a stranger."

(Robert, a participant in The La Jolla Program)

People can learn to trust their true feelings, and to know that their own life-attitudes towards themselves and others are "good-enough." Self-trusting — risking and confirming in a process of indeterminable outcome — frees a person to perhaps change her or his attitudes in living spontaneously and thoughtfully.

This kind of self-trust, psychologist Carl Rogers showed, develops during occasions of interpersonal interaction. And honest self-trust in interaction is the personal authentic way of being most likely leading to constructive and creative movement in our social life.

Yet many of us do not have safe, supportive environments where we can experiment with our trust, where we can choose to discuss or share our experiences and concerns.

At The La Jolla Program together we build these environments.

The La Jolla Program staff are skilled facilitators in the tradition of Carl Rogers. We know how people can learn the keys to enhanced communications.

"I became more aware of my internal thresholds, feeling them and how they can move. Then I was able to connect those feelings to possible consequences of my action"

(Peter, a La Jolla Program participant) 

 Workshop days are typically made up of small facilitated groups, community meetings of the whole, and optional activities that grow out of the interests of community members. Time is set aside for self-directed recreation and group meals. The days are long and full.

"What was important to me was living in the immediacy of a moment, and then the awareness and clarification of my living"

(Margaret, a La Jolla Program participant)  

2016 La Jolla Program opportunities:

April 10-16 at Silver Falls State Park Conference Center, Oregon, USA.
April 23-May 1 at St. Rita Conference Centre, Devon, England
July 24-27 at St. Giles Court Hotel, New York City, USA

Further information and registration:

Last updated: 09 June 2023