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Carl Rogers Annual Conference 2015

2015 Carl Rogers Annual Conference

Building a Person Centered Approach to the Future

January 28-31, 2015

Hotel Dana, Mission Bay, San Diego, California


Where is Carl Rogers Now?

This conference will comprise:

Celebrations of ours and Carl Rogers' life
Reviews of how far PCA has come
Analyses of where PCA is NOW
Discussions of new perspectives
Opportunities to be in community
Creations of our visions for the future
This will be an ENCOUNTER between people and ideas, a place to listen and share.
The focus for this year's conference will be on each participant's perspective:


Where am I now in my contributions to the excellence of PCA practice?

And where are you?

Over the last seventy years many persons have drawn their own inspirations and guidance from Carl Rogers' thinking and way of being.

Many, too, are the groupings of inspired people who have found their way forward:

educators of therapists, business people and religious, peace advocates
prison reformers and philosophers, of social workers and care providers
consultants and politicians showing many stripes
In our freedom, some have chosen to learn newly from our own experiences, some to accept other influences. Some have chosen to center and embody our own ways of being.

This provides us an opportunity to explore:

Who are we now in our variety and dispersion?
What treasures might one of us have for another among us?
Who might succeed us?
The delightful bay-side resort setting for our conference is an ideal venue for an informal southern California gathering. We anticipate that informal contact and conversation between participants will be of equal value to the three equally prominent ways we envision for meeting together:

Space and time for the total community to gather, share presence and wisdom and joys and sorrows.
Space and time for small groups of consistent-membership to meet.
Space and time for people to share their insights in discussion and demonstration formats
We are encouraging attendees to make live demonstrations of their work.
We encourage attendees to create panel discussions with colleagues, and facilitate participation from their audiences.
We solicit formal written papers. As a departure from normal procedure, papers will be shared electronically with attendees prior to the conference. While presenters may choose to give a brief overview at the conference itself, we're encouraging open dialogue response, with presenters facilitating participants' explorations of their reactions to the findings, their experience with similar topics, and how these might impact their work and lives.
Presentations and encounters will focus on you, an individual person, applying principles of PCA in areas of your life. The scientific dimension will provide the opportunity for publicity and publication for presenters and their sponsoring organizations.

Conference Attendance Fees:

$399 - Standard Registration
$449 - Late Registration - January 1, 2013 - January 22, 2014
$249 - Student rate - students in undergraduate or graduate program
If you are a student and interested in the student rate, please contact Antonio Santos or Ray De Lagrave prior to completing the checkout to obtain a student discount code (enter this code in the discount box in the shopping cart to obtain your discount) .
A limited number of scholarships are available. Please contact Ray De Lagrave, Antonio Santos or Will Stillwell. If you qualify you will be given a discount code to use at checkout

Group Rates are available:

5 Attendees: 10% OFF each conference registration
6-10 Attendees: 15% OFF each conference registration
+11 Attendees: 20% OFF each conference registration

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