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October 8 2021, 0:00am - October 8, 0:00am

Understanding and Supporting clients with Dyspraxia

£65, trainee £25, if financially affected by COVID, free
Through FDP - invited facilitator, Dr. Casey Edmonds
Dyspraxia (also known as developmental coordination disorder, DCD) is a neurologically based developmental disorder which affects the ability to perform skilled and coordinated movements and causes difficulties with cognitive and perceptual processes. Many of our adult clients have never received a diagnosis yet live with the feeling that they are somehow defective. Adolescents with dyspraxia are known to be at increased risk of mental health issues, yet there remains a lack of research that explores their lived experiences. This study day, based on qualitative research focusing on the lived experiences of adults and adolescents, will introduce you to dyspraxia, and the impact of dyspraxia on the lives of individuals who live with it and how we can best support and understand those with dyspraxia across the life span. Dr Casey Edmonds has a PhD psychology with her thesis looking at the lived experiences of children with dyspraxia in secondary education in the UK. She has spent many years as an academic researcher at the University of East London and most recently a senior lecturer in psychology at both BPP University and the Open University, with extensive publications.
Relevant publications:
Edmonds, C. (2021). An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Lived Experiences of Children with Dyspraxia in UK Secondary Schools. PhD Thesis University of East London, School of Psychology
Edmonds, C. (2013) Why teachers need to hear the voices and experiences of the child with Dyspraxia. Research in Teacher Education, Vol 3, No.1, pp 5-10.
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