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April 9 2021, 0:00am - April 9, 0:00am

Touch in Therapy

Zoom (from London)
£65 - trainees concessions, see website for special concessions due to COVID
The issue of touch within therapy relationships relies on the personal integrity of the therapist, unless the tradition of therapy they practice prohibits it altogether. This day will provide space for focus on each participant’s relative comfort and/or discomfort with touch within therapeutic relationships. We will consider what might constitute ‘safe’ touch between therapist and client, as well as the potential healing aspects of touch. Whilst not seeking to advocate touch as an aspect of all therapeutic relationships, where touch does feel appropriate, natural and potentially healing, to rule it out may serve to undermine the relationship rather than enhance it. This day will explore questions and encourage each participant to reflect and consider where touch fits into their own practice.
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