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March 6 2022, 0:00am - March 6, 0:00am

Suicidal Ideation

online zoom
£65; trainee £25; Covid finance strain, free
Suicidal ideation. 10.00am-4.00pm

This day will provide the opportunity for practitioners to explore the sensitive issue of the potential for suicide in clients with whom they are working. The issue of 'chronic suicide' sometimes known as 'indirect suicide' will also be explored. Organisational policies often mean that any discussion of suicidal ideation leads to disclosure and breach of confidentiality of the client/counsellor relationship. Those in private practice must develop their own policy in regard to if, and at what point, they may need to breach confidentiality and disclose to a GP that their client is at risk of suicide. This study day will allow for exploration of each participant’s feelings and experiences with the aim of developing deeper confidence in their own attitudes, beliefs and practice in relation to suicidal ideation. We will explore our own attitudes and beliefs about suicide and suicidal ideation, as well developing understandings of how some individuals may be denying feeling suicidal (for fear of potential sectioning under the mental health act), yet telling us in so many subtle ways that they are at very high risk. Finally, we will explore the impact of suicide on those left behind.
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