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September 18 2020, 0:00am - September 18, 0:00am

Study day for CPD on Zoom: Truth and Authenticity

‘Let me tell so much truth.
I want to tell the truth
in my work.
The truth will lead me to the light’. (Maya Angelou)

This day will invite participants to reflect on these lines, what does truth mean to you? What is the challenge in being authentic in our lives and work? What are the costs and benefits of the struggle for authenticity? How has a lack of truth impacted on your clients’ lives? In PC practice, where acceptance is so important, how can we empathically challenge when, for example, one in a couple has a very different truth than the other? A day for reflection and sharing.

  • Phone (eve): 07753 826284
  • Phone day: 07753 826284
  • Phone (mob): 07753 826284
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