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February 8 2021, 0:00am - February 14, 0:00am

Playtherapy week 2021- PLAY VS COVID

The "Becoming A Person" Association, following the steps of Play-therapists around the globe, is organizing a series of events honoring the institution of "Play-Therapy Week".

Through these events and festivities anyone can "get to know" and relate with the essence of "How Play Heals".
Play-Therapy Week, being affected (but not afflicted) by the COVID-19 pandemic, is filled with Online Events, giving in that way everyone from any place in the world, the opportunity to learn about Play-Therapy.

Thus, the Assotiation's theme for "Play-Therapy Week 21' is:

"How Play can become a medium of expression and overcoming, even in the most dire situations."
Last updated: 09 June 2023