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May 14 2023, 0:00am - May 14, 0:00am

Person-Centred Fundamentals: 3 Reasons To Love The Actualising Tendency

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The actualising tendency, in my experience, is a soft target from other modalities and oftentimes a perplexing concept for those who are studying and practicing as PC professionals.  Indeed, I would argue that poor training around this is the main reason that nominally or one-time PC practitioners veer away from or ultimately discredit the approach as a whole.

This workshop, Person-Centred 101 if you will, will seek to revisit and further your understanding and engagement with this vital and foundational construct. Both classic - whatever that might mean to you - and post-Rogerian thinking will be covered, veering away from needless abstraction and making this directly applicable to your client work.

As such, this workshop may appeal to:

  • PCA therapists looking to integrate the Actualising Tendency more confidently into their everyday practice
  • PCA trainers looking to refine their engagement with and delivery of theory
  • Anyone interested in connecting with the core philosophy of the PCA in a non-psychobabbling, accessible manner
  • Theory obsessives (such as myself).

This is the first part of a series of Person-Centred Fundamentals I am offering, a review and broadening of the key components of Person-Centred Theory for specialists and non-specialists alike.

Learning Objective Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • Reconnecting with the core principle of the PCA - the Actualising Tendency
  • Appreciating the ongoing relevance of the Actualising Tendency to practice
  • Awareness of the post-Rogerian developments in furthering understanding of the Actualising Tendency

How May This Workshop Impact Your Practice?

  • I want to demystify the Actualising Tendency and demonstrate its fundamental application to *all* that we do as PC therapists
Last updated: 09 June 2023