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January 28 2023, 0:00am - January 28, 0:00am

Mental Traps - supporting from a Person-Centred Perspective

£65; trainees £25; financial hardship free

Mental traps are those thinking patterns which get in the way of us leading the lives we want to. An example might be the notion that work one produces must be perfect, and as the inner judge declares it is imperfect, nothing may be started. Another example is that of procrastination – this might be evidenced in continual inner dialogue about the possible pros and cons of a particular decision. Because there may be endless permutations of pros and cons, the decision is not made. Procrastination is hesitation gone mad! There are many mental traps which take up enormous amounts of energy and prevent us from feeling positive about ourselves and our lives. How can we, as practitioners, support clients who are stuck in the various mental traps, to move forward, whilst encouraging autonomy and self-direction? This day will allow participants the space to reflect on the variety of mental traps, and which ones may be impeding them and their clients.

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Last updated: 09 June 2023