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December 11 2021, 0:00am - December 11, 0:00am

Chronic Sorrow

£65, trainee £25, if financially affected by COVID, free
Chronic Sorrow

Time bound grief models focus on a temporal sequence of shock, protest, despair, reorganisation, leading ultimately to acceptance. This can lead to the idea that acceptance is required for healthy resolution, and if acceptance does not occur, a neurotic state exists. Many parents of children/adults with learning and/or physical disabilities are judged on whether or not they have ‘accepted’ the reality of their child’s disabilities. There are differences for parents and siblings, as well as the individuals themselves. The person is still there, and times of ‘acceptance’ may come and then go again. And each time the grief may feel as raw as it did first time round. This day will focus mainly on the impact of chronic sorrow as it relates to those who have loved ones with learning and/or physical disabilities, and those individuals themselves. We will also explore how chronic sorrow can affect any of us, depending on the kind of loss we have experienced, through chronic illness, divorce, loss of a child and much more.
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