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June 28 2023, 0:00am - July 2, 0:00am

ADPCA Online International Conference - June 2023

$100 - bursary available

Join us for community meetings, presentations, discussion and more. Follow this link for full conference details, booking, and to submit proposals for presentations, workshops, and roundtable discussions. The list of presenters is growing!

A unique feature of Person-Centered conferences is the community meeting. This meeting is open to all participants. We have scheduled a community meeting every 6 hours around the clock to accommodate worldwide participants. Please spread the word! Join us and make it more colorful with your presence!

Community meetings offer us a free space for expression of feelings, ideas, thoughts, opinions, controversies—basically whatever the person is moved to contribute. There is no formal facilitation, but most often other group members provide understanding responses to allow for furthering the dialogue and to spark communication.

The meetings are scheduled for 2 hours but may run longer if participants want to continue. This 2 hour time period is blocked out in order not to conflict with presentations or workshops. There will be a “Community Room” which will be open throughout the event, so participants can drop in as they wish.

Last updated: 09 June 2023