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Bursary fund

tPCA provided bursaries for people who otherwise could not afford to attend the conferences.  You can find information below about how to apply for a bursary and how to make a donation into the bursary fund. 


How to apply for a bursary 
You can find out more about our Bursary Policy here.   If you would like to apply for a bursary (£80 discount) for any of our events please email us at and follow the instructions in the policy.  


How to make a donation into the Bursary Fund 
By making a donation to the Bursary Fund, you are helping us to increase access to tPCA conferences for a wide and diverse group of people and enabling them to come together to keep the person-centred approach alive and thriving.Donations of all sizes would be much appreciated and help us to achieve our commitment to widening access and participation to all our events and activities for members and non members. 



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