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Daniel Bruck Therapy and Counselling

Psychotherapist / Counselor and Psychologistin Exeter
Exeter· Devon· EX43SR

  • Person-Centred counsellor/therapist
  • Duration
    1 Hour session.
  • Individual cost
  • Group costs

  • Areas of practice

         Over 10 years of practice in a varied setting which includes Individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, young peoples therapy (13 years plus). I have experience with:
    Emigration / Adaptation / Loneliness/Emptiness
    Trauma - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD )
    Sports Psychology - Ex Athletes - Retirement
    Choice and Self Awareness
    Rehabilitation Process 
    Frustration and Sadness
    and other emotions and states of mind.

  • Special areas

    Individual, Family and Couples Therapy;
    Sports Psychology / Ex Athletes / Injuries / Retirement;
    Horse Riding for disabled;

  • Professional accreditation

    I am a Bachelor Psychologist and a Psychotherapist/ Counselor by the University Sao Francisco.
    I am a member of The BPS - British Psychological Society under the registration number: 374531. = MBPsS

  • Code of ethics

    I am bound and follow the code of Ethics of the BPS.

  • Qualifications

         I am a Psychotherapist - Counselor and a Psychologist.
         I am graduated by Sao Francisco University In Sao Paulo, Brazil,  with emphasis on Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, teaching techniques, learning problems and disabilities, conflict resolution, motivation, disabilities and hippo-therapy (Therapy with Horses for the disabled), among others.      I have worked as Psychotherapist - Counselor with the Self Centered Approach with specialties in Motivation, Conflict Resolution, Couples therapy, Teenagers, Athletes and Sport Psychology, and learning disabilities helping people going through very difficult moments of their lives, creating a safe and welcoming environment for them to say and be whatever and however they wanted or needed to be, with understanding and empathy.

  • Place of study
    Sao Francisco University
  • Language(s)
    English and Portuguese.
  • Fees statement
    *Fees are paid at the beginning of each session. **I work with voluntary counselling.

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