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What can a counsellor on placement expect?

New students joining Nottingham Counselling Service on a counselling placement will be required to make a two-year commitment. Attendance at supervision is mandatory and the total commitment counsellors will be asked to make is eight hours per week, which will take into account both client work and supervision requirements.


Students are expected to make a financial contribution of £60 per month towards the cost of their support and development, payable by monthly standing order.

If you have further questions about completing your placement with Nottingham Counselling Service please get in contact by calling our admin team on

Placement requirements
Please note that we do not take trainees on first year placements 

To trainees coming from, a wide range of counselling courses, we offer the experience of an organisation which has provided placements for over ten years, the supervision skills of a team of professional counsellors and efficient administrative back-up 

Our supervisors are all trained and experienced both in supervision and counselling. We can offer supervision from a person centred, integrative or psychodynamic theory base. Our  clients  come  from  varied  backgrounds  and  a  wide range  of  difficulties  most commonly- depression, anxiety and relationship problems.   Over recent years, we have found that our clients present with more severe and deeply entrenched difficulties a large number now coming because of the long lasting effects of having been sexually or physically abused as children. 
This  means  that  everyone  who  counsels  here,  including  trainees,  need  to  already  be reasonably self-aware  and  psychologically  mature.   

They  also  need  to  be  aware  that counselling others may stir up personal issues for themselves and that they need to be open to some degree of self exploration in the supervision process. 
Applications for counselling course placements need to  currently  be  trainees  on  an Advanced Certificate or Diploma counselling course or the latter part or a course at an equivalent level. 

It is helpful if applicants have had some previous experience of individual counselling or guidance work under supervision, either face-to-face or by telephone.  It is an advantage to have also had some paid or voluntary experience working in social work or community setting, or in some sort of caring role.

It is a requirement that applicants should have had or be prepared to have some personal therapy. 

The Counselling Service offers placements of twenty four months or more. Trainees would normally be expected to take on three clients to be seen weekly. If the trainee does not complete the required numbers of client hours in twenty four months the placement will continue on a contribution basis. 

During the placement, trainees will receive individual supervision for an hour a month, and group supervision for one and a half hours twice a month. Currently “Supervision Groups” meet on Monday and Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Trainees would need to be able to attend a group regularly at one of theses times. Individual supervision can usually be arranged on a flexible basis. Trainees can also attend our in-
house training events as available. The placement contribution of £60 per month covers all the above supervision and administration support. This 
cost is borne by the students themselves, travel expenses are also the responsibility of the student. 

If the course requires lengthy written reports, NCS may also require a fee for this. When considering the financial implications of a placement at NCS do bear in mind that many “free” placements may require you to find and pay for your own supervision. 
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