ACP France

Association pour le développement de l'Approche Centrée sur la Personne selon Carl Rogers.

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Association for the Development of the Person-centered Approach

This is the only Person-Centred Association that can boast that Carl Rogers was a member!. Mostly annual meeting, mostly in the USA. They have occasional visits to the UK. Newsletter, Journal are membership all available on this link.

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Coventry encounter day

BAPCA are pleased to announce their second regional encounter group{jcomments on} on 30th September.

It will be hosted at Coventry again (if you would like us to host one in an area near to you and can suggest a suitable location, please email LJ with your suggestions. They will be glad to look into other locations across the UK). 

The first encounter group was held in February, with a mixure of counsellors, trainees, and people who are person-centered or interested in the approach but who are not working in counselling. We had a mixture of BAPCA members and non-members there, and the day was a delight. Several of us found it very moving to be part of.

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New site design

Hello all,

We are very excited to show off our new website design. 

Nic at has spent many hours on our new design, which we hope has simiplified the site a bit. Our new background comes from Lynne Blundell, whose beautiful artwork, and journey has featured on our blog before.

We have simplified our new member's area (where you land when you first log in) and have added or are adding several new features, with bonuses for members


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On-line Events

Specialises in streaming counselling & psychotherapy events live to the internet so that CPD can be accessed from the comfort of your home. They work with conferences and offer regular virtual events for online audiences accross the world.

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Online Local Group

In a time of COVID-19, making connection seems more important than ever. Speaking for myself, as a person living in a town where I don't know many people, I don't have a wide network of local people to call on, so Zoom has become my lifeline. Literally, in terms of both my salaried job and my private practice, but also in terms of my sanity. My weekly saturday night 'Jay's pub quiz' (on youtube - can highly recommend as a stream through one zoom account with several of you taking part against each other) and my sunday afternoon crafting group full of deep intense conversation, as well as lots of calm silence and general hilarity have brought me through my weekend and kept me going through my week.

As far as work has gone, it's been a case of 'doing the work' really. I haven't had that sense of 'connection' since leaving the town where I started my local local group - for reasons of complexity, I did not manage to join the local group that is running where I have moved to and it has been something I missed. With that in mind, I offered to start an 'online local group' for tPCA and we have now run twice (and probably three times by the time you read this). We have talked about how we feel about moving to online work, the effects of covid on us and on our work, as well as more general and more specific topics relevant to each of us, whose confidentiality I won't break here.

We are an open group, and welcome all with an interest in the person-centered approach. The group meets on the first saturday of every month from 10.30-12.30. We are very flexible about people leaving, so if you can make the first hour but not the second, please also feel free to come along. Just click the link. Or better still, add us to your electronic diary as an event that repeats on the first saturday of the month and click that link:

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PCCS Books

PCCS Books is a publisher of counselling and psychotherapy books and journals that is dedicated to the Person-Centred Approach and Client-Centred Therapy. It is committed to reflexive, radical and critical contemporary psychology theory and practice.

PCCS Books Events and Conferences
A list of Events and Conferences Listed on the PCCS books website

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PCT Scotland

The Association for Person Centred Therapy Scotland (PCT Scotland) is an organisation of person-centred counsellors and psychotherapists based throughout Scotland. Our focus is to support the person-centred approach in general and the membership in particular in pursuing their interests related to the approach, including the provision of their counselling services to the wider public.

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United Kingdom Association of Humanistic Psychology Practioners

UKAHPP is a professional membership and accreditation organisation for counsellors, therapists and humanistic practitioners in related fields. We are truly an Association - run by and for our members - providing practical support and ethical codes which all members subscribe to.

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VVCEPC June 2021 Conference

This is a message from our friends at PCE Europe regarding the annual conference of VVCEPC (Flemish Association of Client-centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling in Belgium) we would like to share with our members. You can also see the details in the tPCA Events page:

We would like to inform and invite all members to this year's conference of VVCEPC in June. Since the conference will be held online and also in English with several international speakers, we really hope to reach an international audience. 

Also, we think that the topic of the conference is of particular relevance to all person-centered and experiential psychotherapists and counselors, since it will underline and explain the effectiveness of the person-centred approach: 

  • Topic: “Behind the scenes. The neuroscience of experiential psychotherapy
  • Date: Friday June 11th, 2021
  • Speakers: Peter Afford (UK), Michael Lux (D), prof. Greet Vanaerschot (B), prof. Marie Vandekerckhove (B) and Renate Geuzinge (Nl) as moderator of the Roundtable
  • Information in Dutch & English (on the program and the speakers) and registration via the conference website:
  • Flyer in English in attachment
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