The Trustee Group -TG (formerly the Coordinating Group -CG) are made up of The Person Centred Association members who volunteer to help in the development of the Association. The TG is currently made up of two Co-Chairs and 6 elected members with one trustee vacancy. The trustees can further co-opt 3 additional members. This is current as of November 2019.

    For those of you who are practitioners with a formal requirment for CPD and you are considering helping out by becoming a trustee, you may be pleased to know that acting as a trustee for The PCA yields 40 hours of CPD per year. The list of activities credited by BACP is here, and for UKCP sample guidance is here, and for National Counselling Society unfortunately it is behind their login page here.

    You can email the trustees with any questions by clicking here.

    Recent minutes are viewable to members here.

    Current trustees:

    The Person-Centred Association has created Working Groups that will focus and act on a variety of important and fundamental issues from a person-centred perspective.

    The Working Groups are:

    Advancing PC theory | Lead : Fleur Vickery: For those who are passionate about exploring person-centred theory (past, present and future) and seeing where it takes us 

    BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) | Lead : Vacant: Synopsis to follow;

    Encounter groups for communities  | Lead : Francesco Coni: Building our shared definition of Encounter, and a foundation consistent with those we hope to facilitate in the encounter groups we introduce to different sectors within our communities

    GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity) | Lead : Rachael Peacock: Open to PCA members of any gender, sexuality or relationship identity. We will focus on GSRD issues and their relationship to person-centred theory and practice

    Inclusion | Lead : Gavin Dayer: Will look at the way society is structured and how barriers are created which cause a division in society in all its forms. Inclusion Ideal or Idealistic?

    PC Migrant Therapists | Lead : Vacant: Synopsis to follow

    PR Working Group (Public Relations) | Lead : Jenny Watkins: This group will focus on creating and implementing a strategy that will promote The Person-Centred Association and the person-centred way of being; and it will support other Working Groups with PR

    Pre-Therapy | Lead : Rab Erskine: Synopsis to follow

    Promoting Person-Centred Therapy as a non-pathologising therapy | Lead : Kim Lewin: Synopsis to follow

    The Environment and Climate Crisis | Lead : Susan Coldwell: The scientific community is in agreement that damage to our environments could soon be irreversible. What can we do to raise awareness, to support clients and engage our personal power to bring about change?

    Each Working Group will meet monthly online and the Group Leads will meet with The Trustees quarterly. The Working Groups will have Terms of Reference from which they will co-create the aims, objectives and plans for their group.

    We are recruiting volunteers for each group. If you are interested in one of the above, please contact Teri Tivey and/or Suzy Henry.

    Events listed are not endorsed by The Person Centred Association.

    The Person-Centred Association Local Groups

    The Person-Centred Association (TPCA) Local Groups are a way to meet other individuals who are committed to person centred ideals. They are run by volunteers according to the diverse needs of their members.

    Most groups welcome anyone regardless of whether or not they are a member of TPCA or if they are a counsellor. TPCA contribute to the start-up costs of local groups and are also keen to support and promote special interest groups. The most important consideration for any group is an interest and commitment to the person centred approach.

    There are currently TPCA Local Groups from Cumbria to Cornwall with new groups being launched every few months. Some groups run workshops while others are a means of keeping in touch with like-minded people. Check your nearest group below:

    The Person-Centred Association Placements Directory

    Please feel free to list any counselling placements available to person-centered students that you are aware of here, giving as much information as possible. It does not need to be 'your' placement; our aim is to provide as much placement information as we can for students, who often struggle to find local placements. 

    You do not need to be a member of TPCA, and all listings are free.If your organisation is listed here and you wish it to be removed, please email and let them know which listing you'd like removed. Alternatively if something is out of date, please email and let us know what and we will update that for you. 

    We strongly hope that this resource will become invaluable for person-centered counselling trainees across the UK.

    Welcome to The Person-Centred Association job listings

    Members can submit job postings here.