Wider Applications

Lead: Sara Callen

  • Bernard Mooney
  • Shirl Hicks
  • Willow Langdale-Smith
  • Seb Heid (tPCA trustee liaison)

The tPCA Wider Applications Working Group (WA WG) members are interested in the application of PCA in other areas of life beyond counselling and psychotherapy – both personal and professional. Areas of interest might be – education, health and social care, business, youth work, parenting.. this list is not exclusive.. more ideas welcome – send any thoughts, ideas and suggestions to the WA email above.
The WA WG wish to reach out to people in the community already working in a Person-Centred way, and among other initiatives, plan to develop promotional material to take out to groups in the community who are not familiar with the PCA, encouraging more diverse tPCA membership. Sharing experiences from differing environments would broaden awareness of the universal applicability of PCA.

The WA WG is open to any tPCA member with an interest in the PCA beyond counselling and therapy, i.e. in all arenas. The WA WG meet monthly (currently online via Zoom).

Anyone who would be interested in joining the WA WG, contact group lead Sara Callen - sara.callen@the-pca.org.uk


TPCA Wider Applications (WA) Working Group (WG)

contact – sara.callen@the-pca.org.uk
Last updated: 23 April 2021

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