The Environment and Climate Crisis

Lead: Susan Coldwell

  • Shirl Hicks
  • Timothy Sumner
  • Morag Borszcz
  • Becky Seale

The scientific community are in agreement that we are now in a state of planetary emergency, and if we don't act immediately the damage to our way of life could be irreversible within the next 11 years. With governments still choosing to ignore the current level or threat, deny the science and distort the truth, organisations such as extinction rebellion (XR) have been growing in strength and numbers as people look for a way of making their voices heard. With scientist, teachers and doctors all joining XR, discussions are going on about the emphasis on arrests within XR and implications for professionals such as ourselves. It's time for us all to consider where we stand on the issue of societal change and climate justice. What can we as therapists do (if anything) to support this movement and raise awareness within our communities? What steps do we need to take both as an organisation and as individuals to tackle the climate emergency? How do we support our clients who may be waking up to the realities of this emergency; clients who may be facing arrest or court for the first time in their lives? How can we engage our personal power to bring about change? If you would like to join the conversation then maybe you should consider joining our working group on Climate Change and the Environment.

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Last updated: 10 October 2021

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