Public Relations


  • Tatiana Azeveda
  • Anita Day

All of the Working Groups are focussing on raising awareness of important aspects of life through the lens of the person-centred way of being. The PR Working Group will focus on the strategy of increasing awareness of The Person-Centred Association and the Person-Centred Approach through all forms of media; we aim to increase the public’s understanding of the Person-Centred Approach; we will support the other Working Groups as they become ready to promote their aims; we will look at the brand image including logos, colours, fonts, the way we write certain things about the Association. These are just some of the examples of this group’s work. We have a lot to do, but we can do it. We need five more people to join our group so that we can make quicker headway through our tasks. You do not need to have experience of PR, as mentioned previously. We are looking for people who are excited about being part of a team that really wants to ‘shout from the rooftops’ about the Person-Centred Approach!

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Last updated: 07 November 2020

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