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  • Sara Callen

The Person-centred Quarterly has been a cornerstone of the person-centred community in the UK for many years. Only in recent years have we made a move to modernise the format and moved to a fully electronic version in order to ease distribution and lower cost for the members of the tPCA. We hope to use the PCQ Working Group to build a strong editorial team of enthusiastic individuals who want to help to continue the tradition of the PCQ and keep it running successfully into the future.

PCQ is a forum for people who are interested in the person-centred approach and has been publishing articles ranging from academic studies to impressionistic poetry, most importantly it is a space where people can publish their personal experiences as clients, therapists or supervisors and share their views on the mysteries and the wisdom of the person-centred approach. This is what made the journal such a strong and interesting resource over the years.

We need people to communicate with the authors, copy edit and proof their contributions, and format the final version of the journal when it all comes together. We are also thinking about providing better instructions for authors, having a peer reviewed section in parallel to the general part of the journal, and find ways to make the issues searchable (maybe even digitised versions of old paper issues) via the tPCA  web page. But these are just some of the things that could be done. We are planning to have regular online meetings to enable us to share ideas and co-ordinate our efforts to guarantee four quality issues every year. So if you have ideas you want to contribute and want to be a part of it, get in touch!

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Last updated: 16 July 2021

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