GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity)

Lead: Rachael Peacock

  • Nick Glenister
  • Kirsty Horne
  • Kate Hoyland
  • Zeynep Kasap
  • LJ Potter
  • Daniel Sutton-Johanson
  • Suzy Henry

Open to members of any gender, sexuality or relationship identity. We focus on Gender Sexual Relationship Diversity (GSRD) issues and their relationship to person-centred theory and practice. We are currently considering how GSRD issues are approached within training settings and areas for further development that ensure person-centred practitioners are well-prepared and receptive to the lived experiences of the GSRD clients they may work with.To ensure our discussions are holistic, we aim to adopt an intersectional approach to GSRD topics (i.e. that people have interconnected social identities such as ethnicity, age, class, ability etc. in addition to gender and/or sexual identity). A key consideration of the group is to find ways to build deeper awareness and dialogue regarding GSRD issues within the person-centred approach.

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Last updated: 30 September 2021

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