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Welcome to our race and ethnicity page. We have a Google group: BME-dialogue@googlegroups.com which has already accumulated a variety of links and resources. It is a closed group – i.e. you need to ask to join (see below).

The impetus for the Google group was the pain of the experience of black and ethnic minority (BEM) members at the Speakeasy, and subsequently in Community, at the BAPCA Conference in August last year. We should not ignore, too, Bernard Mooney’s concern about the lack of BEM members in BAPCA which he has been raising for many years.

What were we/are we doing wrong? What are we unaware of? What is the, often unconscious, baggage of the white majority? Members of the BME-dialogue group have already pointed us to many thought provoking papers and presentations (as listed below) and I urge you all to look at them, and engage in the dialogue – through PCQ, the BME-Dialogue group, and offerings for the website page.

We have curated 60 papers of relevance -http://bit.ly/BME-Dialogue-papers, a further collection of papers here and the contents of this collection.


Black and Asian Therapist Network - http://www.baatn.org.uk/

The aim of the Black and Asian Therapist Network is to:

Bring Black and Asian (B&A) therapy professionals together for professional development, mutual support and inspiration

Influence and support therapist organisations and training institutions to develop policies and ways of working that more fully meet the psychological needs of B&A people in the UK.

Encourage and support other B&A people into the counselling and psychotherapy profession

Develop, and be the example of good practice when working psychologically with B&A Asian people in the UK

Communicate stories of psychological health and wellbeing to B&A communities and to the general public


White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack by Peggy McIntosh


Also to look at unconscious bias there is the Harvard research/website


A lecture on critical race theory - although it uses sport as the context for exploring these ideas that actually there was considerable transferable learning.


Got Privilege – A few words on Privilege – Paul Bernal


The Event: How Racist are you? With Jane Elliott – Channel 4 programme


Common racist attitudes and behaviours

I Am Racist, And So Are You

A couple of interesting blog posts:




http://youtu.be/_UpXX0-T24g (contains swearing)




a petition set up by PCSR http://pcsr-uk.ning.com/ to end racist and homophobic discrimination in training. Go to http://chn.ge/1c219Qx

This speech by Angela Davis was posted by Delbert Tibbs, on to Facebook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ2cC7LHMxA&feature=share

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC1nRepRSxo – CNN broadcast interviewing children about friends and skin colour

http://therapytoday.net/article/show/4026/ Silenced: the Black  student experience, Eugene Ellis and Niki Cooper, in Therapy Today


White consumption alone of womanist/Black feminist writing and Black culture is not "anti-racism work." http://tmblr.co/ZlD5Fv1AKSyJo


Isha McKenzie-Mavinga’s paper on 'recognition trauma' http://ezinearticles.com/?Emerging-From-the-Hurt-of-Racism-the-Concept-of-Recognition-Trauma&id=6526336


Make it Personal - Qualitative investigation of white counsellors multicultural awareness

The challenges of becoming a white ally

Whiteness and serendipity

The challenge of making whiteness visible

White professors teaching about racism

Confronting white Hegemony

Roles and responsibilities of white allies

Allies for life - Lessons from white scholars of multicultural psychology

Last updated: 01 September 2020

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