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Your Person-Centred Quarterly (PCQ) needs you! 

We have used this entreaty before.. but it’s true.. The PCA members have – in the past – told us that PCQ magazine is something they value as part of their membership of the Association. Your editors are keen to produce the magazine more often (it is supposed to be quarterly), but we need material; papers, articles, reviews, reflections of practice, and more.

The pages are bare – waiting for your contributions!

The beauty of PCQ is that it isn’t constrained by the requirements of the academic journals, so you can experiment and take risks. We welcome exploration of the issues and experiences of the PCA – for counsellors, therapists, trainers, supervisors, trainees, as well as PCA practitioners in other professions (or none). PCA in relationship at any level is of interest and relevance.

We are looking for submissions over the next month (deadline mid February 2020) – hoping to pull together a ‘Spring’ issue.

If you have any queries or would like to submit a piece please email or contact Sara or Seb directly.


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