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Working Groups - Further Information

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The Person-Centred Association has created Working Groups that will focus and act on a variety of important and fundamental issues from a person-centred perspective. The Working Groups are:

Advancing PC theory - for those who are passionate about exploring person-centred theory (past, present and future) and seeing where it takes us;
BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) – synopsis to follow;
Encounter groups for communities - building our shared definition of Encounter, and a foundation consistent with those we hope to facilitate in the encounter groups we introduce to different sectors within our communities;
GSRD (Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity) – open to PCA members of any gender, sexuality or relationship identity. We will focus on GSRD issues and their relationship to person-centred theory and practice;
Inclusion - will look at the way society is structured and how barriers are created which cause a division in society in all its forms. Inclusion Ideal or Idealistic?
PC Migrant Therapists – synopsis to follow;
PR Working Group (Public Relations) – this group will focus on creating and implementing a strategy that will promote The Person-Centred Association and the person-centred way of being; and it will support other Working Groups with PR;
Pre-Therapy – synopsis to follow;
Promoting Person-Centred Therapy as a non-pathologising therapy – synopsis to follow;
The Environment and Climate Crisis - the scientific community is in agreement that damage to our environments could soon be irreversible. What can we do to raise awareness, to support clients and engage our personal power to bring about change?

Each Working Group will meet monthly online and the Group Leads will meet with The Trustees quarterly. The Working Groups will have Terms of Reference from which they will co-create the aims, objectives and plans for their group.

We are recruiting volunteers for each group. If you are interested in one of the above, please contact Teri Tivey ( and Suzy Henry, (