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Woodland Trust

by shirl hicks
Published on 10 October 2021

Trees are the lungs of mother earth. They take our carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen. 

We need more trees. We have been cutting down trees at a rate of knots. With the new development of the HS2 train line. Plus, more housing development, all our trees are being cut down. 

We need to plant more trees. Fruit trees, shady trees, blossom trees and seasonal trees.

At the woodland trust, you can plant a tree in your local area for just ten pounds. 

You get to choose what tree. 

Would you donate on tPCA website for a tree to be planted? Let us know at

We would like to have a donate button on the tPCA website, so any money donated counts towards planting more trees.

Trees can help climate change, as one of the positive things we can actively do.


Shirl Hicks

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