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Updates from the AGM

Dear BAPCA members (and other interested parties reached by this message)

As you know, the BAPCA AGM was held on Saturday 19th August, and was well attended.

The day began with community and a great many things were discussed, including past BAPCA hurts, and possible future BAPCA directions, and mid-afternoon, moved to the AGM.

You will be pleased to know that almost at the last minute, BAPCA had kindly had an offer of a new treasurer - Ruth Player. Consequently Ruth has been co-opted onto the trustees board to be treasurer, and the motion to dissolve BAPCA was withdrawn by the outgoing CG/trustees. The AGM also welcomed Seb Heid onto the board of trustees who (together with Sara) will take over the editorship of PCQ.


.This meant a sad goodbye to both Allan and Mort. Mort has stood as editor of PCQ for a great many years, and his presence will be missed. Allan kindly stepped in as treasurer for us and did a great deal of work on the accounts to bring them into the excellent condition that they are today and he too, will be missed. Finally, Marc stood down as convenor, although he still remains a part of the trustees. For the near future, the trustees can and will continue without a formal chair, and will instead, seek to share the role. The AGM thanked those three for their hard work over the years!

Also on the items for discussion was the adoption of the new charity model - this allows BAPCA to move from the old structure, where, if BAPCA were sued, individual trustees would all be personally liable, and risk losing all their assets, to a new model that protects individuals from losing their assets if BAPCA were to be sued.

Much of the discussion during the day focussed on the new constitution that has given members some pause for thought. When put to a vote, the vote was unanimously in favour of changing the charity's type and accepting that (for now at least), the constitution has sections in it that some members are more unhappy with.

This means two things:

Firstly, BAPCA will become a CIO once the paperwork has been accepted/filed with the Charities Commission.

Secondly the trustees, on behalf of BAPCA,  recognise that many members are unhappy with not only the wording of the new constitution, but also aspects of the ethos that underpins it. As a first step towards further changing both the constitution and the ethos, we would be interested in seeing if reconciliation is possible for those who have been hurt in recent years. The trustees will write again under separate cover.

Further to this, the trustees would like to invite anyone with a view on the wording of any given section of the new constitution, to contact to form a working group, virtual or otherwise, to discuss alternative formulations for those sections, to be voted on by the membership at a properly convened meeting.

The trustees are currently a small group with little extra time to do this work ourselves, but we do know that there are people who are very interested to see change and development. We would be very pleased to see those parties take part and the trustees would like to help with this process.

Finally, under the new constitution, a trustee may only stand for three years. This means that in three years' time, not a single current trustee can stand. The trustees would like to invite anyone who would consider being a future trustee to join us as an observer. As an observer, you can take a full part in meetings and discussions, would be invited to join the cg email list and so on. The only restriction is that observers may not vote. At a future point (be it one meeting of trustees or in three years' time), you would then be welcome to stand for the trustees as either a co-opted or voted-in trustee.

Please let us know if you would like to be a part of making change happen.

Yours on behalf of the BACPA Trustees

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