Trustee Update

by Rhianna Broadway
Published on 27 August 2020

Following the 2020 AGM we are pleased to welcome two new trustees to the Trustee Group.

John Yuen and Jonno Ward were both voted in as new trustees. Jonno will take the role of Secretary on from Rhianna (who will continue to be a trustee). 

The trustee group also said goodbye to our longest standing trustee - Sara Callen. Many of you will know Sara and will realise she has played a vital role in keeping the PCA going over the last few years as we have gone through many changes. I hope you will join us in thanking Sara and wishing her all the best. Sara will continue to keep some involvement with tPCA as she continues to edit PCQ along with current trustee Seb Heid. 

The trustee group is now as follows: 

Suzy Henry (Chair) 

Jonno Ward (Secretary)

Michelle Harwood (Treasurer) 

Shirl Hicks  

Seb Heid 

John Yuen 

Janet Tolan 

Rhianna Broadway 

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